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Gold in Warsaw – Volup BadCup 2023

Award Ceremony at La Pose

After countless national tournaments (Munich, Hamburg, Munich, Leipzig, etc.), the Bogenschütze — represented by Brian and Moritz — participated in its first international tournament in Warsaw.  The queer sports club „Volup“ organized the event. In addition to the actual tournament, they offered a colorful array of additional events from a Karaoke evening “warm up” on Thursday, a thumping party in one of the best queer clubs in Warsaw on Saturday, and a relaxing city tour on Sunday.  

The tournament itself started on Saturday morning with singles games in three different levels (B+, B-, and C), where Brian and Moritz each played level C.  Even though Brian won all of his games in his group, the point differential was not enough for him to move on to the knockout rounds.

In the afternoon, the tournament moved forward with Brian and Moritz’s united strength into the doubles tournament.  They beat two teams in three sets of four in the group round to advance to the semifinals.  In the semifinals, Brian and Moritz won both sets handily, even with their scant few days of training together the week before.  After a victory in the semifinals, a medal was certain.  They headed into the finals with vim and vigor against Dariusz und Jakub.  After two hard fought sets, it was official:  Brian and Moritz won gold for the Bogenschützen Dresden – a truely indescribable feeling!

We are looking forward to participating in other international tournaments like the Prage Rainbow Spring, the Eurogames in Vienna, and our very own 30th Anniversary Tournament next year in Dresden!  We are ready.  Are you?

Ready for the battle.
A strong defense from Moritz.
An elegant serve.
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