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Annual Meeting – New Board and New Dues Schedule

On March 26, 2023, we had our annual meeting at Herbert-Wehner-Haus. 

New Board

The newly elected Board at the 2023 annual meeting.  From left to right: Stefan Grunwald, Martin Dix and Brian Jones
At the 2023 annual meeting a new board was elected.  Confirmed to continue serving on the board: Stefan Grunwald and Martin Dix.  Stefan Ruckmich decided not to rerun for a board position.  To replace him, Brian Jones was elected as a new member of the board.  We thank Stefan Ruckmich for volunteering to serve on the board for the last four years.

New Dues Schedule

In addition to the election of the board, the membership voted to adopt a new dues schedule.  As of the beginning of next year, on January 1, 2024, the yearly dues for regular members will increase from 75 Euro to 96 Euro.  For members with reduced dues, the annual amount did not change, but the qualifications for reduced-fee membership was expanded.  In addition, legal entities (such as companies or organizations) will also pay annual dues.  With respect to payment date, the full yearly amount is assessed each year on January 1st and will be deducted via SEPA-debit on the last bank day of Janaury each year.  Please note that bank charges for unsuccessful SEPA-debits will be passed on to the individual member whose account could not be successfully debited.  A translation of the new dues schedule can be found here. (The original german version can be found here.)
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